20 Tips To Increase Body Weight

I see many people asking me on how to get rid of their body weight. At the same time I hear people asking me how to gain weight as well. In this post I will explain the tips you could use to gain weight in a healthy manner. If you wanted to increase body weight in any way, you could just go on eating sweets. But that is not the point, is it?

The fundamental idea behind increasing weight is not to increase your weight all of a sudden. Take time to build weight so that your body can adjust with the new pattern. One or two kilogram weight gain per month is ideal. For weight gain as well as weight loss a balanced diet is to be followed.

Overeating of fatty food or deep fried food is not a solution for increasing weight. What it could do for you is increase your bad cholesterol [LDL] and make you prone for high cholesterol. It will also increase your blood glucose level, so making an otherwise healthy person diabetic. Some other side effects of bad eating habits are heart ailments, stroke and what not?

Body weight looks

Body weight looks

Do yoga regularly. Yoga could regain your homeostasis. Yoga is a wonderful practice. When you do an asana, it senses the type of individual and if he is overweight yoga helps you to reduce weight, if you are having a healthy body with normal BMI; yoga helps to maintain and tone your body. For underweight yoga will help to gain weight. Quiet surprising isn’t it? It’s the fact.

Diet Tips for Increasing Body Weight

  1. Soak one kilogram of dates in half kilogram of honey for 4days. If time and place allows do keep this mixture in a big plate or an open container. Let it be under the sun for 4 hours. Store these honey loaded dates. Eat4 in the morning and 4 at night. This is not a one day diet. You should have this at least for 2 months.
  2. Use peanut butter in moderate quantities.
  3. Soak one teaspoon of assafoetida in one and half cups of water. Keep it over night. Drink the water the next day morning. This habit is good for everyone who needs to have a strong body.
  4. Gooseberry in jaggery solution is another good option.
  5. Eat grapes for blood purification. Your body starts assimilation of nutrients well.
  6. Banana milk shake can be taken every alternative day.
  7. Eat lots of protein rich diet. Chicken curry, fish curry are some good examples of protein rich non vegetarian diet.
  8. Eat raisins 2 and half table spoons once in 4 days.
  9. Can have baked bananas along with breakfast.
  10. Include egg whites in your diet.
  11. It not having lactose intolerance [allergic to milk] can indulge in milk and milk products.
  12. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid Eating Too much Apples And Pies In Your Diet.
  13. At 11am you can much 10 to 12 almonds.
  14. To increase weight too you need to divide you food. Than eating at a stretch if you have the habit of eating 4 tortillas/ chapattis, eat 2 at the regular time and the next two after two hours. Thus small meals at regular intervals.
  15. Can indulge in limited quantities of cheese once in a while. It enhances your mood.
  16. Even for increasing weight don’t indulge in too much Maida flour made foods. The reason being it’s hard to digest. It will increase your weight. But side by side it gives you constipation and piles.
  17. To pancake batter add one cup full of berries frozen or fresh.
  18. There is no harm in having lamb. But it should be cooked after removing the layer of fat over the top of the meat.
  19. Can have sea food, whole grain products, nuts, and liver and other organ meats.
  20. Have vegetable soups to increase appetite.

There you have it. Your weight gain routine is set and all you need to do is follow my tips and you should see a healthy increase in body weight.